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There are many ways you can become a supporter of the Traverse Gap Wind Project!

If you live in Grant, Stevens or Traverse Counties and want to help bring the benefits of this project to your community, or if you simply want to encourage the growth of wind energy development, we could use your help writing a letter of support to local and state elected officials.

If you are a landowner in or near the project area, you may be able to host wind turbines or equipment on your land and enhance your income for years to come.

The easiest way you can get involved is subscribing to our mailing list to stay up-to-date on the latest project information.

Benefits of Hosting a Wind Farm

We know your land is your livelihood, whether you use it for farming, ranching, leasing or other purposes. As developers, we aim to be a good steward of your land, to support its long-term preservation, and provide an added source of income for your family over the next 30+ years. 


Diversify your income while retaining ownership of the land. A wind lease allows families to supplement their income, keep land in their family or provide for retirement. Your family will receive lease payments, either from hosting turbines or through wind rights, for decades to come.


Continue utilizing the majority of your land. Each turbine requires less than an acre of land, so you can continue using the surrounding area for farming, ranching, leasing or other purposes. Farm equipment can easily navigate around wind turbines and access roads.


Rest assured that this is a profit-positive opportunity. Costs associated with construction and operation are covered. Any costs resulting from construction of the wind farm, whether it's incidental crop damage, repairs to drain tile or fences, or increased property taxes, are paid for by the company. At the end of the project's useful life, the turbines are removed and the land is restored for further use.


Support your local economy. Wind farms bring a boost in tax revenue that can fund community improvements, as well as present job opportunities for qualified, local construction workers and suppliers, and increase business to local establishments during construction. Additionally, landowners receiving lease payments often spend their income locally, further supporting economic activity in the community.

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