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Tenaska + Cordelio Power

A Collaborative Approach to Wind Development

Cordelio Power is a team with decades of utility-scale development and operating experience. We’ve successfully developed, built and completed several hundred megawatts of operating renewable power facilities. Cordelio is 100% owned by the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and is fully committed to its mission of becoming a leading North American developer, owner and operator of renewable power facilities across North America.

Cordelio Power is proud to be working with Tenaska to develop wind projects across the United States because Tenaska also understands the important roles that both landowners and communities play in the overall success of a project.  Together, our approach is centered on building projects that work with landowners and communities as a whole.  We want to become a positive part of the communities we partner with and develop long-term relationships with them through all phases of the projects.

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Tenaska has a long-standing reputation for developing energy projects that are safe, environmentally responsible and community minded. They’ve seen success in developing multitudes of projects, as well as working with other companies like Cordelio Power to build exceptional renewable energy projects. Both Cordelio Power and Tenaska put a lot of thought and consideration into the companies with which to partner. We both look for companies that are honest and fair, financially stable, experts in their own right and relationship-driven.

Tenaska and Cordelio Power began working together several years ago on two wind projects in Missouri. Both companies were pleased with how well our teams worked together while remaining responsive to landowner and community feedback. Because of this, we decided to move forward with a more formal (limited) partnership. Today, we are proactively working to develop a large portfolio of wind projects across the United States.


Tenaska is a leading energy company with Nebraska roots. Over the past 35 years, Tenaska has earned a reputation for developing responsible energy projects and being a good business neighbor. We have developed, managed and/or operated approximately 22,000 megawatts of natural gas-fueled and renewable energy generating facilities.


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Cordelio Power is an independent power producer that develops, owns and manages renewable energy facilities across North America. Cordelio brings decades of experience to its projects and is committed to working with landowners, communities and other project stakeholders in an efficient, safe and responsible manner.


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